Melody Y

Height 5 9" Bust 34 12B Waist 23 Hips 34 Dress 6 Shoe 7 Hair Black Eyes Dark Brown

Originally born in China, Melody is of Chinese decent and has lovely soft facial features with an impecible body. She enjoys swimming and cycling in her spare time.

A short interview with Melody:

1.       If you could live in any time period what would it be?

I'd live in my childhood again and do something more funny. 

2.       Describe where you grew up. 

It is a beautiful small town where full of good people. 

3.       What is something about you that others don’t usually realise.

I always pay attention to details that  other people don't. 

4.       If you could travel for one day to a different era in time, which would it be?

I'd travel to ancient Egypt.

5.       Is there any area of knowledge you would like to know more about?

I'd like to know a few more languages.